DPG Statement on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

January 31, 2017

Release:  Tuesday, January 31, 2017           

Atlanta, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court.

“Hardworking Americans should be frightened by Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court. He has a well-documented history of favoring CEOs and corporations over the very people who drive our country’s economy. Georgia Democrats are more determined than ever to protect the rights of workers and organized labor unions.

“Trump has boldly stated that his pick would overturn Roe v. Wade. And true to form, Trump’s choice-Gorsuch—seems a likely candidate to do just that given his record of fighting for employers wanting to avoid the ACA requirements securing women access to contraception through their insurance.”

“Congressional Republicans stonewalled President Obama’s nominee for hundreds of days, leaving a vacancy on our nation’s highest court for absolutely no reason. The GOP’s naked obstructionism prevented our country from having a fully-functioning Supreme Court. Georgians are watching Senators Isakson and Perdue to see just how swiftly they roll over in submission to push Donald Trump’s pick through the confirmation process, proving they could have done their job during the Obama administration and just flat out chose not to.”


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