DPG Statement on Price Confirmation

February 10, 2017

Release:  Friday, February 10, 2017                                                                       

Atlanta, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement on the confirmation of Congressman Tom Price to serve as HHS Secretary.

“Republicans just doubled-down on their promise to privatize Medicare and dismantle the Affordable Care Act. This founding member of the Tea Party Caucus—who is also associated with one of the most fringe medical groups on record—co-sponsored legislation to ban stem cell research and outlaw abortion, voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and has used his office to undermine the wellbeing and economic security of persons with disabilities and the elderly.

“Price—just like Donald Trump—is always looking out for number one. He cashed in on a corrupt sweetheart deal, purchased stock in companies he would later draft beneficial legislation for, and wielded his influence for personal profit like it was a cheap side hustle.

“Democrats will continue champion policies that secure the right to affordable healthcare for everyone—including the expansion of Medicaid here in Georgia. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we will hold Price, Trump, and the rest of the Swamp Cabinet accountable.”


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