DPG Statement on First Democratic Presidential Debate

October 13, 2015

Release:  Tuesday, October 13, 2015                                                                                              


Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on First Democratic Presidential Debate



Atlanta, GA – Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement after the first Democratic presidential debate.


“Tonight, all of our candidates laid out a clear, forward-thinking vision for America. And regardless of who emerges as our nominee, our party is united around our basic values.


“Democratic candidates not only addressed the concerns of the middle class, but proved that they will fight for the middle class. We saw candidates who will fight for pay equity, access to affordable healthcare, meaningful immigration reform that brings families together instead of tearing them apart, the strengthening of voting rights, and an even playing field for all Americans where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead.


“Contrast that with what we’ve seen from the GOP. For months, the Republican field has been playing a tasteless game of follow the leader—with Donald Trump delivering their marching orders. Given the opportunity to explain their plan to help hardworking Americans, the GOP has instead attacked women, bragged about taking away healthcare from the sick, waxed poetic about starting new wars, and took their offensive rhetoric on immigration to a disturbing new level.


“What is unequivocal more than ever is that Georgians will have a clear choice in next year’s general election. We can regress back to the failed policies of previous Republican administrations. Or we can elect a Democrat, and continue to build on the progress of the past seven years.”




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