DPG Response to Passage of GOP Congressional Map

December 7, 2023

Today, after Georgia Republicans passed a congressional map that refuses to comply with a federal court’s order and continues diluting minority voting power in Georgia, DPG Executive Director Kevin Olasanoye released the following statement:

“Georgia Republicans’ congressional map shows how determined they are to entrench their own power by diluting Black voters’ voices. Republicans had a second chance to draw a fair map that expands Black Georgians’ opportunities to elect candidates of their choosing, in keeping with not only the federal court’s order but also with our state’s rapidly diversifying electorate. Instead, they doubled down on racial gerrymandering and dilution of minority voting power. Republicans have proven once again today that they will always put their own partisan interests above the best interests of our democracy, leaving us to wonder what they are so afraid of that they would go to such extreme lengths to avoid a conversation with Black voters about their agenda for Georgia.”


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