DPG Releases List Of Applicants for GA-05 Nomination

July 20, 2020

This morning, following the meeting of a nomination committee comprised of Fifth District and Democratic leaders, the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) released the names of the individuals recommended by that committee to be the 5th District Democratic nominee.

“The nominating committee fully considered all of the applicants and, following a robust discussion, reached a consensus on its recommendations,” said nominating committee member Jason Carter.

Out of a group of 131 applicants, the nominating committee selected the following individuals:

  • Park Cannon
  • Andre Dickens
  • Robert Franklin
  • Nikema Williams
  • James “Major” Woodall

These individuals will be considered at a meeting of the DPG Executive Committee later today.

The full list of applicants for the GA-05 Democratic nominee role is available here.

Overview of the Nomination Process:

  • On Saturday July 18, the DPG made an open call for candidate applications from any Georgian interested in serving in this role, acknowledging the necessary speed of the process due to legal requirements laid out in O.C.G.A. § 21-2-134(b)(1)(B).
  • 131 individuals submitted applications to be considered for the role, who were then reviewed by a nominating committee comprised of Fifth District and Democratic leaders. The nominating committee selected the above individuals for consideration by the Executive Committee.
  • At noon today, the DPG Executive Committee will meet virtually to consider the nominating committee’s recommendations, hear from each of the recommended candidates, and select a nominee. The full list of committee members is available here.


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