DPG Releases Ad “Hear from Me” to Correct the Record on Stacey Abrams

August 9, 2018

Ad Corrects Record on Abrams’ Finances

GEORGIA – Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia released “Hear from Me,” an ad that corrects the record on Democratic nominee for Governor and former House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams’ personal finances.

“When my father was diagnosed with cancer and money was tight, I knew that I could defer payment on my taxes, but not on his cancer treatments.  I made the right choice – the choice to fulfill my obligations to my family – and was able to get on an approved payment plan with the IRS,” said Leader Stacey Abrams. “I understand the tough choices working families must make when someone falls ill or finds themselves suddenly caring for a loved one. Under my leadership, Georgia will enact bold solutions to support small businesses, improve financial literacy, and help our workers earn more so that families like mine can have the freedom and opportunity to thrive.”  


  • Stacey Abrams has demonstrated that she knows how to fight for families facing financial hardship. She has worked as a public servant to block taxes that would harm low and middle-income families and is an entrepreneur who has helped Georgia small businesses create and save thousands of jobs. In fact, Abrams can credibly claimshe “single-handedly stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history.”
  • Like many Georgians, Abrams has faced financial challenges while working to support her family. In fact, she remains a primary source of support for her parents and niece.
  • Abrams has always filed her taxes on time. She deferred her payments in 2015 and 2016 to pay for her parents and niece’s living and medical expenses. She has an approved payment plan with the IRS and has fully met her Georgia tax obligations.
  • Too many families like Stacey’s struggle to overcome the years of debt incurred during emergencies, from expensive medical bills to sudden changes at work, while living on a limited income. Stacey Abrams, Lieutenant Governor candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, and Democrats around the state understand the challenges everyday families face, and they have bold, clear plans to help families gain financial footing, so they can strive for success and not just survival.


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