DPG Issues Statement on Marriage Equality

April 28, 2015

Release:  Tuesday, April 28, 2015                           


Democratic Party of GA Issues Statement on Marriage Equality



Atlanta, GA – Today, Democratic Party of Georgia LGBT Caucus Vice Chair Colton Griffin issued the following statement in the wake of news that the US Supreme Court heard arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges. The decision could decide the fate of marriage equality across the nation.


“For too long, tens of thousands of Georgians have been denied essential civil rights based solely on whom they love. Our state has gazed just across state lines for years as our neighbors in Florida, Alabama, and elsewhere have been afforded liberties that should be enjoyed by the LGBT community right here at home. Georgia Democrats have been outspoken in their support of equality for all families, yet Republicans have, at best, been silent on the issue—and at worst, propagated an environment of discrimination, hate, and fear.


“I, and many others, hold hope that the Supreme Court will decide in favor of equality, opportunity and progress. We are witnessing the shaping of a better nation. And I’m proud that the leadership of the Democratic Party of Georgia is on the right side of history.”



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