DPG Interim Chair Nikema Williams on President Obama’s Economic Vision

July 24, 2013

Atlanta, Ga. – July 24, 2013 – Nikema Williams, interim chairwoman of the Georgia Democratic Party, responded with optimism and her own straight-talk after President Obama laid out is economic vision today at Knox College in Illinois.

“President Obama is leading by example,” Williams said. “He is demonstrating that his vision and ambition to build America’s middle class will not be limited by Congress’ inability to move legislation forward.”

Williams was responding to the first of several economic vision speeches President Obama began laying out today.

“President Obama and Democrats understand that too many are operating on a list of manufactured crises, instead of focusing on re-building this country – and Georgia – in the wake of the 2008 recession. Instead of debating policy differences, many Republicans think it’s become acceptable to ‘just say no,’” Williams said.

Williams said it is time to take the emphasis and debate out of Washington, D.C. and bring it back to the states.

“Georgia Democrats are ready to build on cornerstone economic issues that include re-building the middle class, supporting affordable health care reforms, focusing on affordable higher and early education, the housing market and building retirement security. These matters are fundamental to all Georgians and we are tired of the hollowing of the middle class. We need to re-examine what it means to be middle class: a good job, a quality education, a home that’s your own, a secure retirement, and affordable health care you can count on when you get sick. We’re ready to work to build a strong and prosperous Georgia,” Williams said.


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