DPG Chairman Mike Berlon Statement on Senator Saxby Chambliss

January 25, 2013

Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon releases the following statement regarding Senator Saxby Chambliss’ decision to decline a run for re-election in 2014:

“Today’s announcement by Senator Chambliss that he has decided to retire presents a great opportunity for Georgia Democrats to reclaim one of our US Senate seats.  This development gives us the time we need to field an exceptional candidate for the race.

 “We began our candidate recruitment process on this race several months ago. We have consulted with the national party and are continuing to vet potential candidates, both within the DPG and the DNC. This process is important and we are not interested in rushing it. We are interested in getting it right.

 “It is clear that the politics and demographics within Georgia are changing. In November, President Obama received more than 45.5% of the statewide vote with little national help. With the significant changes that are taking place, we believe that we could win this seat even if it were against an incumbent.  With this being an open seat, our odds have improved significantly. This is especially true because it appears that there may be a significantly divided primary on the republican side.

“There is no question that Georgia is on the way to turning blue.  This is the first step in reclaiming the House and Senate on a national level across the south.

 “We’re looking forward to next year.”

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