DPG Chair: Music Midtown Cancellation Shows Kemp’s Extreme Agenda is Dangerous for Georgians, Disastrous for Economy

August 2, 2022

After Atlanta’s Music Midtown was canceled over concerns about Gov. Brian Kemp’s extreme gun agenda, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement:

“With Music Midtown canceled, Georgia workers and businesses are missing out on a major event that drives $50 million to our state, thanks to Brian Kemp’s extreme, dangerous policies. Kemp loosened our gun laws, censored what kids can learn in our schools, and took away our rights by making abortion illegal before most women know they’re pregnant, all while Georgia has dropped in rankings for the best states in which to do business. 

“It’s clear that Kemp’s extreme agenda is a major risk to our economy, and it’s clear that he doesn’t care — he said it was ‘fine’ for businesses to leave Georgia and belittled industry leaders instead of taking action to protect jobs. Now, Kemp is silent as his dangerous gun laws threaten Georgians’ lives and our jobs. We deserve answers: will Kemp take responsibility for the consequences of his extreme agenda, or try to shift the blame like he always does?”

Music Midtown draws tens of thousands of attendees and has an economic impact of $50 million, providing crucial income for  businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

Under Kemp, Georgia sank in the rankings for top states to do business. The comes as Kemp is running for re-election and pushing unpopular, extreme, and dangerous policies that:


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