DPG Chair DuBose Porter on Casey Cagle’s Secret Tape

June 11, 2018

GEORGIA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter releases the following statement regarding Casey Cagle’s admission that he passed bad legislation due to political ambition:

“The Casey Cagle that we heard in the audiotape is the same Casey Cagle that Georgians have gotten to know all too well over the past 28 years. The same Casey Cagle who willingly puts the politics of vouchers over improving the access and quality of education for Georgia children. The same Casey Cagle who has proven time and time again that he will do ANYTHING to win an election–even if it means selling out our children.

“This is the type of shady deal-making that has flourished under Cagle’s watch. He makes decisions based on politics and campaign contributions rather than what is in our best interests—In this case the 1.7 million Georgia children attending our public schools.

“To get Cagle to tell the truth, it requires a secret, closed-door meeting with somebody from whom he needs a favor. Apparently, this is the only type of setting where he can be honest.

“Cagle’s integrity is for sale, and his 28-years of back-room politics has taught him that dark money donors are more important than the needs of Georgia families.

“Some say that Cagle’s actions are despicable. Others say that this is a disturbing pattern. They’re both correct.

“He must answer very serious ethical and legal questions. He must explain to Georgia families without any of his trademark political spin.

“These recordings reveal the truth about Casey Cagle. He will put politics ahead of people to push his own political ambition, and that’s not the kind of leadership Georgians want in their next governor.”


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