DPG 2024 GOP Legislative Session Report Card: Elections

April 12, 2024

A day after Trump brought his search for 11,780 votes back to Georgia — while a sweeping measure to further manipulate Georgia elections awaits Gov. Kemp’s signature — the DPG has issued a report card giving Georgia Republicans their marks on elections during the 2024 Legislative Session.

The legislature, not content with the 100,000+ voters who have been purged since the 2020 presidential election, just made it easier to challenge voters en masse

Acknowledging Georgia’s status as a battleground state in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, SB 189 gives third-party candidates access to Georgia’s presidential ballots once they qualify in twenty states or territories. The move, designed to help long-shot candidates like Robert Kennedy, Jr. play spoiler (as his own New York State director said he was), is obviously politically motivated; the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week that “[Georgia] Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs says her office wasn’t consulted on elements of a sweeping election bill approved by the Georgia Legislature last month.”  

“I think if you’re going to draft legislation that has an impact on election officials, you should sit down with them (and) get their input,” said Fuchs. “It’s very clear that they didn’t look at a calendar and didn’t consider the timelines.” 

The measure also prohibits the use of QR codes to count ballots because, according to proponents of the conspiracy-laced measure, “voters don’t trust QR codes because they can’t read them.” 

Federally, Senator Ossoff and Senator Warnock are trying to improve voting access; they recently introduced S. 3916, the Right to Vote Act, which establishes the first-ever statutory right to vote in federal elections.

For doing everything they can get away with to help stack the deck to favor Trump in the upcoming presidential election and continuing to purge Georgia voters, Gov. Brian Kemp and his legislative enablers earned an F on elections.


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