Does Perdue Still “Personally Oppose” Direct Economic Relief for Georgians?

July 22, 2020

While Senate considers another round of relief checks in coronavirus aid bill, will Perdue continue his “personal” opposition?

ATLANTA — After yesterday’s announcement that the next coronavirus relief package will potentially include a second round of direct economic impact payments, Senator David Perdue has yet to answer whether he will once again “personally oppose” financial relief to struggling Georgia families.

Perdue previously claimed in May that he “personally opposed” critical direct economic relief for Georgians while admitting “that’s a controversial position” — though he later promoted that same relief he “personally opposed” after it passed. But while he might have “personally opposed” direct relief for Georgians, he had no problem with banks taking “more than $10 billion in fees” off a small business relief fund which he called “the cost of doing business.”

And even as “more than one in eight workers” in Georgia remain unemployed and the state ranks last in economic recovery, Perdue won’t commit to extending expanded unemployment relief, calling it “a hindrance” and claiming yesterday in an interview that it was somehow “the number one thing” holding back jobs.

“Senator David Perdue has made his priorities clear: He’ll always have time for his special interest and big business allies, but is ‘personally opposed’ to direct relief for Georgians,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians need relief now — but sadly, they can’t count on Senator Perdue to fight for them.”


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