Does Kemp Believe District Attorneys Should Prosecute Women and Doctors Under His Extreme Abortion Ban?

July 6, 2022

Hours after Roe. v. Wade was overturned, Brian Kemp rushed to implement his extreme abortion ban, which makes abortion illegal before most women even know they’re pregnant. Kemp’s dangerous ban was originally signed into law in 2019 and blocked by a federal court of appeals, but the governor is now pushing to make it the law of the land in Georgia.

In response, some district attorneys across the state are vowing not to use limited resources to prosecute women and doctors for their private medical decisions if Kemps’ extreme abortion ban takes effect — while others, particularly in communities with fewer health care options, are refusing to rule out prosecuting women and doctors performing abortion care.

Kemp made his dangerous abortion ban “the centerpiece” of his first year in office and has pledged to enforce it, raising a question that must be answered as he seeks to make his extreme abortion ban law:

  • Does Kemp believe district attorneys should prosecute women and doctors under his extreme abortion ban?


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