Do Georgia Republicans Agree With Trump’s Call to “Slow the Testing Down”?

June 22, 2020

As cases rise across Georgia, Trump says he pushed officials to “slow the testing down”

ATLANTA — After President Donald Trump’s stunning admission that he pushed to “slow the testing down” as coronavirus cases spike in Georgia, Republican Senate contenders must answer whether or not they agree with Trump’s call to “slow” testing in the middle of a growing pandemic.

All of Georgia’s GOP Senate candidates have repeatedly praised Trump and his coronavirus response — despite reports showing his administration “wasted” months to prepare for the outbreak while experiencing self-inflicted “testing failures.” 

Senator David Perdue has already claimed that Trump is taking the outbreak “very seriously” and has repeatedly touted testing expansion in Georgia, which he has called a “number one priority.” Meanwhile, Senator Kelly Loeffler has likewise called testing “a top priority” despite praising Trump’s abysmal coronavirus testing response and backing Trump “100%.” And her opponent, top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins, has celebrated the administration’s record on testing and has said since the beginning of the outbreak that Trump has taken “decisive action” to fight that pandemic.

“Georgia Republicans have spent the past few months praising President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response but we’ve heard crickets from them on Trump’s stunning admission that he told officials to slow testing down,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “So far, Georgia’s GOP Senate contenders would rather score points with the White House than hold Trump accountable for his failed pandemic response.”


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