Democrats Release Poll Showing that Majority of Georgia Voters are Concerned that Kemp is both Secretary of State and Candidate for Governor

October 23, 2018

A Plurality of Georgians — 46 Percent — Say Kemp Should Resign

Kemp Facing Mounting Pressure to Not Oversee an Election in Which He is a Candidate at Top of Ticket

ATLANTA — Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia released a poll showing that the majority of Georgia voters are concerned that Brian Kemp is a candidate for governor while overseeing the election as Secretary of State.

The poll shows that 43 percent of Georgians are “very concerned” about Brian Kemp serving as Secretary of State during this election. An additional 11 percent of Georgia voters are “somewhat concerned” that he is both a player and the referee in this election. In total, 54 percent of Georgians are either “very” or “somewhat” concerned.

A majority of men, women, independents, and all age groups up to 65 are concerned that Kemp is both Secretary of State and a candidate for governor. A full 90 percent of African Americans in Georgia are concerned, 74 percent of them “very concerned.”

“This poll shows what we’ve known all along: Georgians don’t want Brian Kemp overseeing an election in which he is a candidate for governor,” State Senator Elena Parent said at a press conference today. “He needs to respect their wishes and resign.”

The survey also asked Georgia voters if they believe as we do that Brian Kemp should resign his position. A plurality, 46 percent, say he should resign, compared to 45 percent who said he should not. Notably, large majorities of voters of color believe that Brian Kemp should resign, following Kemp’s years-long effort to suppress minority voters.

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, can be viewed here:


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