Democrats Release Brian Kemp’s Private Calendar, Revealing He Doesn’t Actually Work

October 23, 2018

Brian Kemp’s Disregard for His Duties Is Yet Another Reason He Should Resign

Kemp Still Receiving Taxpayer-Funded Salary While He Fails at His Job

ATLANTA—Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia released a copy of Brian Kemp’s private calendar showing hard evidence that Brian Kemp barely shows up to work as he continues to receive his six-figure salary as Secretary of State.

Kemp’s calendar, which was obtained from his office through an open records request, clearly shows that since April of this year, Kemp has only worked about one day a week—and in many weeks, he hasn’t shown up at all. In all of July, for instance, Kemp’s calendar shows that only worked one day.

“In his time as Secretary of State, Brian Kemp’s office has overseen voter purges, data breaches, and policies that disenfranchise minority voters,” said State Senator Nan Orrock. “Now, he isn’t even showing up for work—it’s beyond time for him to step down.”

Brian Kemp earns over $120,000 a year as Secretary of State, yet he hasn’t shown up to work regularly since at least April 2018. If everyday Georgians didn’t show up to work for six months, they would lose their jobs, so Kemp should resign from his.

Kemp’s calendar can be viewed here:


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