Democrats Get Out The Early Vote Across Georgia

November 28, 2022

“This is critical – don’t put it off, don’t delay. This election is way too important and the stakes are just too high for our families.”

To mark the beginning of early voting in Georgia, Democrats across the state last week spoke about the importance of voting early and what’s at stake in the upcoming runoff election. With early voting beginning in some counties last week and all counties today, local leaders encouraged every Georgia voter to make a plan to vote early in the crucial Senate runoff election by going to to find their county’s early voting days and locations, or by texting or calling the voter protection hotline at 888-730-5816.

Here’s what’s happening around the state:


Atlanta News First: Early Voting Begins in Douglas County

  • Rick Folbaum, ANF: “Well today’s poll came out on the same day that early voting began in Douglas County. Democrats held a press conference there this morning. Congresswoman Nikema Williams asked voters to make a plan to vote early in the Senate runoff election.” 
  • Congresswoman Nikema Williams: “Y’all, this is critical. Don’t put it off. Don’t delay. This election is way too important and the stakes are just too high for our families. And you can make a plan – write it down, put it in your calendar, tell your friends after they finished their Thanksgiving leftovers. Go vote. 

FOX 5 Atlanta:
Rep. Hank Johnson Casts His Ballot Along With His 96-Year-Old Mother

  • Tom Haynes, FOX 5: “Earlier today Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson cast his vote in the Senate runoff election. Congressman Johnson was joined by his 96-year-old mother. They voted at the DeKalb Voter Registration and Election Office in Decatur this afternoon.
  • “The two of them told us it’s a tradition they love to take part in together. Congressman Johnson reiterated the importance of casting your vote in this runoff election.”

Congresswoman Nikema Williams Votes Early in Fulton County

  • Congresswoman Nikema Williams: “Hey, y’all. I’m Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia and I’m here at the East Point Library for this very important Saturday voting for the runoff election. I’m casting my vote today on Saturday, but y’all early voting is across the entire state starting Monday, November 28 through Friday, December 2.
  • “Get out there and cast your vote. Everything is at stake. We’ve got to send Senator Warnock back to Washington – fighting for us. He is our champion in Washington. This election is about competence and character, so we know what we have to do. Let’s finish the job, y’all. Go vote.”


Fox 28 Savannah: Souls to the Polls

  • Fox 28 Anchor: “Today, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and State Senator-Elect Derek Mallow joined local Democrats for a march from First Tabernacle Baptist Church to the polls – all to vote early in the Georgia Senate runoff election. Mayor Johnson says he considers voting not only a right but also a responsibility. He says that they’ve prayed but now it’s time to put the work in by voting.”
  • Mayor Van Johnson: “I cannot begin to tell you how important this race is, how important the ramifications are not only for Georgia but for across the country – and why we are encouraging people to take advantage of their early voting opportunities.”
  • Fox 28 Anchor: “Now the mayor and senator-elect joined dozens of Chatham County residents in line at the Savannah Civic Center to cast their vote early, and they’re encouraging others to do so.”


Rep. Carolyn Hugley Votes Early in Muscogee County

  • Rep. Carolyn Hugley: “We need to send Senator Raphael Warnock back to Washington to stand for us. He’s a man of character. He’s a man of competence. He’s been working hard on our behalf ever since he’s been there. We cannot allow someone who doesn’t even know whether or not he lives in Georgia to represent us.”
  • “I encourage everyone to come out and to vote early, and if you have any problems at the polls we have the voter protection hotline – that number is (888) 730-5816, so if you have any problems make sure you call the voter protection hotline. Get out and vote – and encourage others to do the same.”


House Minority Leader James Beverly Votes Early in Macon-Bibb County

  • Rep. James Beverly: I’m so excited to have just voted for Raphael Warnock in Bibb County. What a wonderful day. The line’s long but the voting’s quick – very festive and very grateful.”
  • “I’m encouraging you to get out and vote Raphael Warnock. He’s a good man – honorable, has integrity, and gets the job done. Y’all get out and vote.” 


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