Democratic victories in Albany and Waynesboro

December 7, 2011

While Republicans were napping yesterday, we racked up more Democratic victories for women throughout the state.

Albany elected its first female mayor, Dorothy Hubbard, as did Waynesboro, Pauline Jenkins. Both of these victories continue to prove that our plan is working. These victories cap off a successful year for Georgia Democrats, as we picked up mayoral races and city council races repeatedly in 2011. Just ask new Snellville Mayor Kelly Kautz.

These successes demonstrate one thing- we can win in Georgia. These are not isolated incidents but the result of our new methods, smarter voter targeting, and an attention to detail that is second-to-none.

Our task is just starting. Next year, we will have races for the State General Assembly and one for the President’s re-election. We know that hard work lies ahead, but I’m ready to take on this challenge. Are you?



Mike Berlon
Democratic Party of Georgia

P.S. – Congratulations to new Savannah Mayor and former union-member Edna Jackson and her strong Democratic opponent Jeff Felser. I am pleased to see such a strong campaign in Savannah, and look forward to great things from both the Mayor-Elect and her worthy opponent. Congrats to new Savannah City Councilman and former State House member Tom Bordeaux as well.

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