Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on Georgia House Republicans’ Redistricting Proposal

November 10, 2021

Today, Georgia House Republicans voted to advance their proposed State House map, just one day after releasing their last-minute proposal and providing Georgians virtually no time to offer feedback. Just like in the State Senate, which today voted to pass its map against numerous public objections, House Republicans are planning to fast-track their map through the legislature, giving Georgians little chance for feedback or meaningful public dialogue.

House Republicans’ map minimizes the political power of voters of color and fails to fairly represent the partisan makeup of Georgia. The proposal also unnecessarily targets several Democratic incumbents by pairing them in districts with one another, laying the groundwork to force them out of office.

“Republicans continue to move at a dangerously rapid pace, with no regard to what Georgians want and deserve  – fair maps. After considerable public feedback and advocacy from several statewide groups, it’s apparent this legislative process is lost to a partisan agenda,” said House Minority Leader James Beverly. “Georgians have been clear in their request and we will continue to fight for a map which represents the shifting population and provides fair representation to all voters.”

“Georgia House Republicans are making a mockery of the legislative process by releasing proposals at the last minute and giving the public and their peers little time to review and offer feedback. The degree to which Republicans are targeting Democratic incumbents and districts and fast-tracking the redistricting process is astounding, and it’s quickly becoming nothing more than a sham,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Drawing new maps will have implications for Georgians’ lives over the next decade, and Georgians deserve fair maps that are not rushed over the course of just a few days.”


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