Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on Donald Trump’s Vile Comments About Women

October 8, 2016

Release:  Saturday, October 8, 2016      

Atlanta, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Director Rebecca DeHart issued the following statement on the latest revelations of Donald Trump’s treatment of women.

“Throughout the course of his campaign, we—as a nation—keep asking ourselves what Donald Trump could possibly do to sink lower. Anyone who denigrates and objectifies women, and brags about sexual assault, is completely and wholly unfit for elected office. How could any parent cast their vote for this vile, dangerous man and then come home and look their child in the eyes.

“Make no mistake. Young girls are paying attention to how we as a society respond to a man who boasts of forcibly groping a woman. Young boys are paying attention to our response to a man who calls women ‘pigs’ and ‘slobs.’

“Equally as shocking is the Georgia GOP’s silence and complacency. Where’s the leadership? Why haven’t Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and the rest of their Party condemned their candidate and immediately withdrawn their support?

“In a year in which Democrats are finally shattering that glass ceiling, Georgians are left with a stark choice this November. But there is also a stark choice facing the Republican Party. As their nominee he is their standard bearer—representative of their party. And they have the choice to reject him. I hope, for the sake of women and girls everywhere, they send him packing.”


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