Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on Deal Signing of HB 87

May 13, 2011

“Republicans own this mess”

Georgia – Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon issued the following statement on today’s signing of HB 87, Georgia’s controversial immigration bill:

“During a record economic downturn that has inflicted our state with higher unemployment than the national average, Governor Nathan Deal and state republicans are doing their best to destroy Georgia’s recovery.

“By signing HB 87, the governor has enacted an unfair law that wrecks our agricultural, housing, tourism and poultry industries. Many organizations have pledged to boycott Georgia as a result, causing even further economic damages.

“This law threatens lawful citizens, who can be prosecuted for ‘transporting or harboring’ undocumented workers. Huge job producers such as Delta Airlines or Holiday Inn could be dragged through court because they didn’t check their own customers for citizenship status.

“This month, republicans presided over a state fuel tax increase during record gas prices. Now they are trampling human rights and harming small business due to their shortsighted anger toward people with different-sounding names and different shades of skin.

“This legislation will wind up in court costing our state millions of dollars in legal fees, result in boycotts costing hundreds of millions of dollars, damage businesses that employ our legal citizens, and rip families apart.

“Republicans own this mess.”

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