Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on Butch Miller’s “Assimilation” Comments

October 7, 2021

State Senator Butch Miller, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is coming under fire for comments he made on conservative radio yesterday suggesting some Georgians “don’t think like us” and “need to assimilate.” 

On the radio show, Miller said:

“We have attracted many people to the state of Georgia that don’t think like us. We need to make sure we are attracting people to Georgia that do think like us. And if they don’t think like us, they need to assimilate into our values and our culture.”

In response, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, said, “Butch Miller’s racist comments belong in the ash heap of history, not in 2021. Anyone vying to help lead Georgia should be celebrating our state’s rich diversity, not promoting a dangerous ‘us versus them’ mentality with divisive, exclusionary rhetoric. Butch Miller’s words are disgraceful and disqualifying.”


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