Democratic Party of Georgia Response to Kemp’s State of the State Address

January 13, 2022

Today, Brian Kemp delivered his annual State of the State address, in which the embattled governor attempted to rewrite his disastrous record and proposed extreme policies that would leave our state further behind. In response, Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement:

“Today’s State of the State address reeked of election-year grandstanding and showed us that Brian Kemp will continue to shamelessly put politics ahead of the actual needs of Georgia families and kids. If Kemp actually cared about Georgians’ wellbeing, he would fully expand Medicaid or mount a meaningful campaign to protect Georgians from COVID-19 – not work to ban books and put more guns on our streets. Make no mistake: the misguided priorities Kemp outlined today would endanger communities, threaten our kids’ education, and drive our state further apart.

“Despite his best efforts, Kemp will not be able to distract Georgians from his failed leadership with last-minute, long-overdue financial bumps for workers. Today’s address made it clearer than ever that Georgia deserves a strong Democratic governor who will put the people first and invest in hardworking Georgians all the time, not just during an election year. Georgia is ready for change, and come November, voters will make sure that this was Brian Kemp’s final State of the State address.”

REMINDERUnder Kemp and Republicans’ leadership, Georgia ranks near the bottom of all states on issues such as:

  • Health and safety: 46th
  • Infant mortality rate: 46th
  • Vaccination rate 12+: 44th
  • Affordability: 42nd
  • Percent of families in poverty: 41st 
  • Education and child care: 39th


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