Democratic Party of Georgia Response to Brian Kemp’s Reckless Legislative Proposal

January 5, 2022

Today, Brian Kemp proposed to loosen gun safety restrictions by allowing the carrying of firearms without a permit. The announcement comes weeks after the embattled governor duked it out with his primary opponent, failed former Senator David Perdue, over who would do the most to weaken gun safety laws.

In response, Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement:

“It’s despicable that Brian Kemp is willing to endanger Georgians’ lives for the sake of his political career. Kemp’s reckless proposal to make our state less safe is nothing more than a desperate ploy to salvage his floundering re-election campaign – and we know David Perdue would sell Georgians out to the gun lobby just the same. As Brian Kemp and David Perdue remain locked in a race to the bottom and Georgia Republicans hijack the upcoming legislative session for political theater, Democrats remain focused on protecting Georgians’ lives and making our state a safe place for families to prosper.”


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