Democratic Party of Georgia Responds to Burdensome Election Bills Passed in Georgia Senate

February 23, 2021

Today, Republicans passed a set of election bills in the Georgia Senate that would unnecessarily complicate our elections system at best, and make it harder for Georgians to cast their ballot at worst.

SB 67, for example, would create burdensome obstacles for voters who simply want to safely and securely cast an absentee ballot – especially those who lack a driver’s license or state ID card – and jeopardize the privacy of Georgia voters by creating a situation ripe for identity theft. The only voting bill that passed with bipartisan support was SB 40, introduced by Democratic Senator Jen Jordan, which would allow counties to begin processing absentee ballots sooner.

“Georgia Republicans are hell-bent on suppressing the vote because they realized they could not win when more Georgians cast a ballot. Not only would the Republican-sponsored legislation passed through the Senate today fail to improve our election system – it would also create the type of chaotic post-election situations in which false, far-right conspiracy theories flourish,” said Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “While Republicans are playing partisan politics with our elections system, Democrats are actually working towards bipartisan reforms. If Republicans actually wanted to restore confidence in our elections, they would work with Democrats to pass common-sense legislation instead of surrendering to the extreme right of their base.”


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