Democratic Party of Georgia Launches Website Revealing The Real Bubba McDonald

December 18, 2020

Georgia – Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia announced the launch of, a new website highlighting who the real Lauren “Bubba” McDonald is, including his deep ties to Donald Trump and his disastrous record for Georgians. The website details Bubba’s campaign’s longtime financial dependency on Georgia Power – the company he is supposed to fairly regulate – and his extreme voting record during his time on Georgia’s Public Service Commission.

As a career politician, Bubba has put the interests of Georgia Power ahead of the interests of Georgians. When the coronavirus was hitting Georgians and their savings hardest and they couldn’t afford to keep the lights on, Bubba voted to make sure Georgia Power could shut off their gas and electricity, leaving Georgians in the cold and dark.

“While Bubba was giving Georgia Power everything they wanted, his campaign’s bank account was swelling, racking up nearly $350,000 in influence dollars,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Georgians deserve to know who the real Bubba McDonald is and whose interests he’s actually protecting. Bubba’s record of higher energy bills and influence dollars make it clear that he’s not looking out for Georgians – he’s looking out for his campaign’s bank account and Georgia Power’s bottom line. That’s why Georgians will vote him out in this runoff election.”


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