Democratic Party of Georgia Executives Gain Key Leadership Positions at the DNC

January 24, 2013

Washington DC – Two of Georgia’s Democratic Party executives have assumed significant leadership positions within the Democratic National Committee.

Mike Berlon, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, and State Senator Lester Jackson, the party’s Treasurer, assumed larger roles in the National Democratic Party at the DNC national meeting, which took place the day after the Presidential Inauguration.

Berlon was elected on Tuesday to the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee, the policy-making arm and governing body of the national party. In addition to their other duties, the approximately 64 members of the Executive Committee oversee the affairs of the party in-between meetings of the full committee.

Berlon was elected to the DNC Executive Committee at a meeting of the Association of State Democratic Chairs. He will serve as that group’s Southern Chair on the DNC Executive Committee and will work as a representative for the region. He will also serve on the Executive Committee of the ASDC as well.

The new role will give Georgia a much more powerful voice in national affairs and policy decisions, particularly during the upcoming 2014 election cycle.

“I am honored to have the clear support of my colleagues at the DNC who have expressed their confidence by electing me to this significant national position,” Berlon said. “I have assured them that I will do my best to make sure that the interest of our state parties are heard and that our needs are addressed at the national level.”

State Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah, who is a member of the DNC by virtue of a Presidential appointment, was recently appointed to the powerful Credentials Committee of the DNC.

Senator Jackson’s appointment, the first of such significance in recent memory, provides Georgia with substantial influence concerning the internal workings of the DNC.

The Credentials Committee performs a key gatekeeping function and is responsible for determining the validity of the membership of those elected to the National Committee, as well as resolving other matters that may relate to participation in the organization.

“I appreciate the confidence that the national party has shown in me,” Jackson said. “This is a significant role and gives Georgia much to say about the future direction of the party at both the state and national level. It also shows the confidence of the national party in the direction Georgia is headed.”


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