Democratic Party of Georgia Continues “Democrats Deliver” Tour in Savannah

September 1, 2021

Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia continued its statewide “Democrats Deliver” tour with a virtual press conference in Savannah to highlight how President Biden and Democrats have delivered for Georgia families, farmers, small businesses, and workers. 

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and Jerome Irwin Sr., Vice President of the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council, joined the event to discuss the success of the American Rescue Plan in lowering health care costs and cutting taxes for middle class families, underscore the historic impact the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will have on Georgia, and lay out the need to continue passing the Build Back Better agenda. 

Watch and download a video of the press conference here.

“Democrats Deliver” Tour Stop in Savannah

“The American Rescue Plan is the reason why our economy is bouncing back. Just last week the Biden economy created over 43,000 jobs in Georgia, and added almost 940,000 jobs across the country. While Republicans’ economic agenda only includes cutting taxes for the richest Americans, the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats are building the economy from the bottom-up and the middle-out, and it’s working,” Mayor Van Johnson said. “ For years, we’ve been talking about infrastructure. But now is an opportunity, and President Biden and Georgia Democrats are delivering on infrastructure. President Biden has brought both sides to the table to make historic investments across the country, but particularly here in Georgia — Georgia jobs, Georgia, transportation, and Georgia connectivity.”

“Our workers have been really affected by COVID. We have lost jobs and some of us have lost people due to COVID, but now, we’re building and coming back. Thanks to President Biden and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, we’re getting people back on their feet,” Jerome Irwin, Sr., Vice President of the Savannah Regional Central Labor Council said. “When we talk about President Biden, as he brought both sides together, I think that was one of the greatest things that he could have did.”


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