Democratic Party of Georgia Continues “Democrats Deliver” Tour in Augusta

August 31, 2021

Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia continued its statewide “Democrats Deliver” tour with a press conference in Augusta to highlight how President Biden and Democrats have delivered for Georgia families, farmers, small businesses, and workers. 

State Senator Harold Jones and labor leaders from BAC Local 8 Southeast and Ironworkers Local 846 joined the event to discuss the success of the American Rescue Plan in lowering health care costs and cutting taxes for middle class families, underscore the historic impact the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will have on Georgia, and lay out the need to continue passing the Build Back Better agenda. 

Watch and download a video of the press conference here.

“Democrats Deliver” Tour Stop in Augusta

“Georgia helped deliver the White House for Democrats, and as promised, Democrats have delivered for the nation, the state, and for Augusta. With the help of President Biden, Vice President Harris, Senator Ossoff, Senator Warnock and Georgia House Democrats, we’re seeing remarkable improvements in Georgians’ lives,” said State Senator Harold Jones. “To answer the devastation that COVID brought, the President and Democratic leadership created the American Rescue Plan. We see the benefits of the plan right here locally – vaccine incentives, jobs programs, solutions for food deserts, and tax cuts that benefit families with children and are instrumental in reducing child poverty. These cuts ensure that tonight, Georgians are going to bed less hungry because of President Biden’s plans and efforts. All of this is possible because of your votes. Voting matters.”

“Our mission is to continue to back President Biden’s build back better plan, and build back better with unions,” said Glenn Kelly, President of BAC Local 8 Southeast. “Workers have been impacted pretty broadly during this pandemic and this economic stagnation. But the President jumped really quickly on infrastructure. This infrastructure bill will generate so many new union jobs, put so many people to work, and give so many people good skills training. President Biden brought both sides together to negotiate a bipartisan, state of the art infrastructure bill that will bring America into the 21st century. We want to urge our Republicans in Georgia to vote for the infrastructure bill, and we want to make sure to continue to back the president’s agenda on jobs, jobs, jobs.”


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