Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon on the Third Presidential Debate

October 22, 2012

Georgia – DPG Chairman Mike Berlon issues the following statement on the third Presidential debate:

“Tonight’s final Presidential debate clearly demonstrated the vast difference in foreign policy experience between President Obama and Governor Romney.  Experience matters. The President won this round and showed that he has earned four more years in office.

“President Obama shared his vision for changes in the Middle East, unequivocally demonstrated his support for Israel, underscored his resolve to guarantee that Iran never develops a nuclear weapon, made clear how important the issue of foreign policy is to our national security and outlined a strategy for dealing with future challenges.

“By contrast, Governor Romney spent most of his time agreeing with the President’s policies on sanctions with Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Syria, suggested Russia was our biggest national security threat, demonstrated he failed to understand the strategic capabilities of our military by confusing quantity with quality, suggested that a possible trade war with China may be a good idea and tried to explain away his position that the car industry should have been forced into bankruptcy.

“While the President made the specific case for global unity, Governor Romney talked about five and seven-point plans that had little or no substance, suggested he could create millions of new jobs without specifics, couldn’t explain how to pay for massive tax cuts and increased defense spending at the same time and struggled to show any defined foreign policy.

“The choice here is clear. Over the next four years, we cannot afford to have a president who does not understand foreign policy. The stakes are way too high.”

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