Democratic Party of Georgia Announces Campaign to Reach Purged Voters Who Wish To Remain Registered To Vote

August 18, 2021

As Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announces the cancellation of 101,217 voter registrations, the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) has launched an online tool to help Georgia voters find out if they were on the original purge list and re-register to vote if they were removed from the voter rolls. 

Just 571 of the 101,789 voters on the original purge list took steps to maintain their voter registration during the limited time they had to respond to the Secretary of State’s notification. Tens of thousands of voters may have been purged even though they wish to remain registered because of issues as simple as election mail being returned to sender.

DPG is promoting its online tool with a robust campaign – including paid digital ads and multilingual phone banking – to reach voters on the original purge list whose voter registration might have been cancelled. The tool lets all voters submit just their first and last name to see if they were among the planned cancelled registrations, and gives steps to check their registrations status and re-register to vote if they have been purged.

“While Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State purges potentially thousands of eligible Georgia voters from the rolls, the Democratic Party of Georgia is helping voters fight back and protect their right to vote. Unlike Republicans, who are more than eager to cancel eligible Georgians’ voter registrations, Georgia Democrats are wholly committed to ensuring every Georgia voter has what they need to cast a ballot and make their voice heard in our democracy,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. 


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