Democratic Party of Georgia and Contest Every Race Announce Ambitious Statewide Candidate Recruitment Initiative

January 5, 2024

The Democratic Party of Georgia today launched a statewide campaign to recruit hundreds of Democrats to run for local office. This is part of a national campaign by Contest Every Race to ensure that no Republican goes unchallenged up or down the ballot. 

The program utilizes text messages, coaching calls and in-person organizing meetings to identify and mobilize Democrats to run for local office, with a particular focus on geographic areas where a high percentage of Republicans go uncontested – outside of major urban areas. 

The Democratic Party of Georgia and Contest Every Race are launching this program as evidence continues to build that having more Democrats running locally boosts Democratic turnout and enthusiasm, which can translate to increased votes to ensure Georgia stays in the win column for President Biden’s reelection campaign. 

The 2024 candidate recruitment program is targeting close to 3,000 hyper-local races across 876 localities in almost every county in the state, with a focus on county commission, city council and school board offices. Democratic Party of Georgia aims to recruit at least 100 new Democrats to file for office by the March 1st deadline. 

Since its inception in 2018, the Contest Every Race project has recruited over 7,000 Democrats to run for local office. 

“Georgia Democrats are committed to competing up and down the ballot all across our state, without discounting or taking for granted a single county – including rural and non-metro areas. We’re proud to partner with Contest Every Race on this ambitious effort to supercharge Democratic power, infrastructure and turnout in every corner of Georgia.” -Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye, DPG Executive Director

“2024 is our sixth year working with the Democratic Party of Georgia and their county parties, and we’re thrilled to launch another massive effort to recruit and elect local candidates in non-metro areas and prove that supporting local campaigns and party infrastructure helps Democrats all the way up the ballot – to re-elect President Biden.” -Lauren Gepford, Contest Every Race Director


 Contest Every Race, a project of Movement Labs, recruits Democrats to run in otherwise uncontested local races, and operates a national rural organizing support program to net votes for Democrats in the 2024 election.

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