Democratic Party Chairman Statement on the State of the Union Address

February 12, 2013

Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon issues the following statement regarding tonight’s State of the Union Address:

“Tonight, President Obama showed the clear path that he intends to follow to address the significant problems facing America. It also showed that he is not afraid to tackle issues that for too long have been considered politically impractical or impossible.

“Improving healthcare, eliminating tax loopholes, election reform, focusing on pre-school education, developing an energy security policy, reducing the deficit, common sense tax reform and a comprehensive plan for immigration reform are all a path to recapturing the American dream.

“The President’s tough line on debt and taxes, proposals for improving the economic situation of the middle class, increase to the minimum wage, plans to assure equal pay for women for equal work, support for equal rights for all, approach to climate change, support of our military and unwavering commitment to end the excessive and unnecessary gun violence in this country show that he is ready to make the hard and necessary decisions to move this country forward.

“The President made it clear that for far too long, Congress’ inability to compromise has prevented measures that would make life better for all Americans. Now, he has taken this fight directly to the American people and made the case for significant changes in his second term. Simply put, the message was clear: It is time to put partisan politics aside and work for the many and not the few. “

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