David Perdue Skips His Own Rally to Hide From Georgians

November 11, 2020

Perdue has not been seen or heard from since Election Day

ATLANTA — Today, Senator David Perdue skipped his own campaign rally in a clear effort to avoid facing voters after being forced into a January runoff more than a week ago. While Perdue has refused to speak to Georgians, despite several attempts from local media to get in contact with him, he has found time to get caught up in self destructive infighting with fellow Republicans.

Now, it’s been eight days since voters have seen or heard from David Perdue.

Today’s event adds Senator Rubio to the long list of Republican officials who have rushed into Georgia to bail out Perdue’s underperforming campaign and keep his dim reelection bid afloat amid intense national scrutiny and Perdue’s brutal news cycle in the closing days of the general election.

Perdue ran away from reporters just days before Election Day in a desperate attempt to avoid answering tough questions about his reelection bid and abruptly pulled out of the final debate of the election after Ossoff hammered Perdue for his downplaying of the coronavirus and harmful agenda to strip away critical health care protections for Georgians in a pandemic. Now, Georgians await Perdue’s response to proposed debates leading up to January’s runoff. 

Multiple reports have noted that Perdue has refused to talk to his constituents, and even exposed Perdue for having failed to hold a single public town hall in his entire six-year Senate term.

“More than a week has passed since Election Day and Senator Perdue is literally nowhere to be found. What’s he so afraid of?” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Perdue needs to stop hiding and give Georgians an answer as to why he downplayed the scale of this virus and is working to strip health care away from Georgians during a pandemic. If David Perdue is afraid of the voters, he doesn’t deserve to represent them.”


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