David Perdue Silent on Sonny Perdue’s Latest Insult to Georgia Farmers: “This Is Not The Time for Growth”

November 7, 2019

As rural Georgia struggles, Senator Perdue fails to stand up for farming communities against administration’s reckless trade war and lack of respect for family farms

Atlanta — U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently dropped a bombshell on American farmers, telling them explicitly: “This is not the time for growth.” Secretary Perdue’s characterization of how the Department of Agriculture sees American farmers’ prospects comes just weeks after he said that small family-owned farms may not survive — the same farmers who make up agricultural communities across rural Georgia.

So how did Senator David Perdue, Secretary Perdue’s cousin, react to either of these reckless statements from the top U.S. official in charge of farm policy? Crickets.

Senator Perdue’s silence should come as no shock. He’s still standing behind this administration’s reckless trade war that could devastate Georgia’s agricultural economy, even after local farmers had to wait months while Perdue fumbled to pass disaster relief for Hurricane Michael. Rather than supporting small farmers in Georgia, Perdue has chosen to march in lock-step with his Washington special interest allies, ignoring local rural communities suffering under the administration’s trade policy.

Listen to Secretary Perdue’s shocking remarks on American farmers’ prospects here.

“Rural communities across Georgia are hurting because of the ongoing trade war, but Senator Perdue still refuses to stand up for Georgia farmers against tariffs being pushed by his political allies and the Agriculture Secretary’s reckless comments that disparage the hard work and livelihoods of small farmers,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Rural Georgians deserve an ally in the Senate, not a lackey for special interest groups who doesn’t look out for farming communities and their needs.”


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