David Perdue Provides “No Formal Documentation” To Prove He’s Been Cleared in Investigations He Refused to Disclose to Georgians

September 17, 2020

After months of refusing to answer questions about his unethical misconduct, Perdue expects Georgians to take his word for it — Perdue owes Georgians answers on his role and depth of investigations

ATLANTA — After months of being dishonest and refusing to answer questions from reporters about whether or not he was under investigation by federal authorities, Republican Senator David Perdue now thinks Georgians should just take his word for it that he has been “cleared” of all wrongdoing. As the AJC reports, Perdue’s campaign provided “no formal documentation to back up the claim.”

This dishonest act raises many more questions about what Senator Perdue is covering up or lying about. Perdue must tell Georgians how long he was under federal investigation, what he was asked to provide, and if he sat down for a formal interview with authorities.  

The ad also doesn’t address the indisputable fact that while being briefed about the pandemic in the Senate, Perdue downplayed the crisis publicly and privately insulated his stock portfolio from the economic downturn. 

And while Senator Perdue asks Georgians to trust him, he has a recent history of lying to voters in his other campaign ads. Last month, a PolitiFact fact-check found that Senator David Perdue’s ad where he claimed to support protections for people with pre-existing conditions was “False.” PolitiFact points to Perdue’s actual record of voting to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act. Still today, during a pandemic, Senator Perdue supports the Republican lawsuit to strip away protections for nearly 2 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions.

“Senator Perdue’s defense here is a joke. After all the lies and deceit, Senator Perdue’s word is worth very little, yet he expects Georgians just to blindly trust him. How long was he hiding these investigations from Georgians? Did Senator Perdue have to submit evidence in his defense and sit for a formal interview? There is so much more that Georgians deserve to know,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Senator Perdue also believes that Georgians should take the fact that he hasn’t been indicted as proof he did no wrong, but doesn’t at all address the fact that while he was publicly reassuring Americans they would be fine, he was privately scrambling to protect his best interests. Senator Perdue is always going to put himself over the people of Georgia, and they are going to vote him out.” 


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