David Perdue Kicks off Campaign With “Ultimate Medicare Thief” Rick Scott

November 13, 2020

 Medicare could face deep cuts if Perdue is reelected

ATLANTA — After ten days of hiding following his abysmal performance on Election Day, Senator David Perdue is finally making his January runoff debut by campaigning with “ultimate Medicare thief” Senator Rick Scott – who led the nation’s largest Medicare fraud scheme by systematically defrauding seniors. 

It comes as no surprise to Georgians that Perdue, who has spent much of his Senate term wanting to put earned benefits like Medicare on the chopping block, would kick-start his runoff campaign with a Senator whose company pleaded guilty to over a dozen corporate felonies and fined a historic $1.7 billion fine. 

Perdue’s brazen anti-health care rally highlights his own problematic record of leading the charge against benefits for hard-working Georgians. Last month, Perdue revealed if he gets reelected to serve another term that he would slash Medicare, saying that the health care programs Georgia seniors depend on are “not under control” and “if we don’t get at those things we will have a runaway debt crisis.” According to Perdue, the hard-earned benefits programs that many Georgians rely on are “what’s causing the huge run up” – not his tax giveaway to corporations and the super wealthy projected to balloon the national debt by nearly $2 trillion.

And on Fox Business, Perdue said earned benefits like Medicare were “the problem” and blamed vital programs like these for “causing this debt.” Just last year, Senator Perdue renewed his push for Congress to overhaul its government funding process, introducing a bill he hoped would be “the first step toward tackling Social Security [and] Medicare.”  Perdue was even caught saying critical earned benefits programs like Medicare have “failed…working men and women.”

“Kicking off your campaign with the single greatest threat to Medicare in the U.S. Senate is quite the message for Georgians. If elected, Senator David Perdue will take dangerous steps toward cutting hard-earned Medicare benefits for Georgia’s seniors and working families, even during a pandemic,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s this type of reckless and unpopular agenda that Georgians will again reject in January when they vote Perdue out of office for good.”


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