David Perdue is blaming everyone but himself…

October 16, 2014

In an interview Wednesday, David Perdue again refused to answer for his career spent outsourcing American jobs—a career that he is “proud” of. Earlier this week, The Hill reported that Perdue had hidden from voters a key part of his resume—a senior consulting stint at a now-bankrupt textile company in India.

Short on answers, Perdue is now deflecting focus on his questionable business record by criticizing people who “who really have no business background, and don’t really understand what it takes to create jobs”…and the media.

From the Washington Post:

After attacking President Obama over his handling of the Ebola crisis and the Islamic State terrorist group, businessman and GOP Senate candidate David Perdue turned defensive this week when asked about his record on outsourcing jobs.


“The criticism I’ve gotten over the last few weeks is coming from people who really have no business background and really don’t understand, you know, what it takes to create jobs and create economic value — which is really what this free enterprise system is based on,” Perdue told reporters at a Veterans of Foreign Wars social hall event.


A local television reporter tried again off camera, prompting Perdue to complain that the news media isn’t giving him a fair shake with its “30-second sound-bite business.”

Read the entire story here, and watch the exchange at the video below.



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