Crumbling Bridges and the Georgia GOP Members Who Voted Against Fixing Them

January 26, 2022

With 13,698 Georgia bridges in need of repair and 374 bridges deemed structurally deficient, President Biden’s Bipartisan infrastructure Law will deliver $225 million to improve Georgia’s bridges over the next five years. If any of Georgia’s Republican congressional members had their way, however, these bridges would be receiving $0 in federal funding to improve transportation and safety for Georgians. Fortunately, President Biden and Georgia Democrats passed this historic infrastructure package, the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system.

“It’s shameful that Georgia Republicans oppose fixing our bridges and making transportation safer for thousands of Georgians. Thankfully, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is delivering a once-in-a-generation investment to rebuild and repair the crumbling infrastructure across our state without raising taxes a single penny for middle-class Georgians. But these Republicans must answer the question: why did they vote against repairing bridges in their own districts? Georgians deserve answers,” Rhyan Lake, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said.

Here are a few of the bridges in poor condition that the Georgia GOP voted against repairing:

District 1, Representative Buddy Carter: 

SR 25Se Torras Cau over Mackay River

  • Built in 1986
  • Over 22,000 daily crossings

SR 25Se Torras Cau over Back River

  • Built in 1986
  • Over 22,000 daily crossings

US 84 (WBl) over Little Mcmullen Creek

  • Built in 1957
  • Over 18,000 daily crossings

US 82 Cor Z WBL / over Satilla River overflow

  • Built in 1964
  • Over 7,000 daily crossings

US 17 SR 25 over Darien River

  • Built in 1944
  • Over 6,000 daily crossings

District 3, Representative Drew Ferguson:

Gordon Road over abandoned railroad

  • Built in 1941
  • 820 daily crossings

Main Street over NS RR

  • Built in 1940
  • 830 daily crossings

District 8, Representative Austin Scott:

Whiddon Mill Road over Ty Ty Creek

  • Built in 1965
  • 490 daily crossings

Patten-Coolidge Road over Long Branch

  • Built in 1960
  • 280 daily crossings

District 9, Representative Andrew Clyde:

McEver Road over Flower Branch Lake

  • Built in 1961
  • Over 6,900 daily crossings

Wrights Mill Road over Hudson River

  • Built in 1960
  • 490 daily crossings

District 10, Representative Jody Hice:

Stoney Road over Little Kettle Creek

  • Built in 1967
  • 490 daily crossings

Bell Street over railroad crossing

  • Built in 1950
  • 110 daily crossings

District 11, Representative Barry Loudermilk:

US 41 over Cr 122

  • Built in 1949
  • Over 6,000 daily crossings

Sugar Valley Road over Nancy Creek

  • Built in 1942
  • Over 6,000 daily crossings

District 12, Rick Allen:

5th Street Bridge over the Savannah River

  • Built in 1931
  • Over 2,000 daily crossings

Goodrich Road bridge over the canal spillway

  • Built in 1940
  • 160 daily crossings 

Marks Church Road over Raes Creek

  • Built in 1975
  • Over 5,000 daily crossings

Fenwick Street bridge over the Augusta Canal

  • Built in 1940
  • 490 daily crossings

District 14, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene:

I-75 over Swamp Creek

  • Built in 1961
  • Over 66,000 daily crossings

US 41/ SR 3 over Lynn Creek

  • Built in 1949
  • Over 7,000 daily crossings

Kingston Avenue over Ns Railroad (719097)

  • Built in 1978
  • Over 5,000 daily crossings


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