Congressman Johnson, Georgia Democrats Call Out Republicans’ Plans to Raise Taxes on Hardworking Georgians, Sunset Social Security and Medicare

April 14, 2022

Today, as the Georgia GOP welcomes National Republican Senate Campaign Chair Rick Scott to headline their spring gala, Georgia Democrats held a press conference in front of the Georgia Aquarium calling out Republicans for standing with Scott and the GOP’s economic agenda, which will raise taxes on over 40% of Georgians – including seniors, retirees, teachers, and firefighters – and sunset Social Security and Medicare in five years if they take power.

While President Biden and Democrats are working to lower costs for Georgia families and make sure that billionaires are paying their fair share, Georgia Republicans are endorsing plans to hike taxes and sunset Social Security and Medicare by campaigning with Scott, the architect of this disastrous agenda.

“Senator Rick Scott says that everybody should have skin in the game. He doesn’t think that these people down here at the Georgia Aquarium – those people who clean the aquarium, those people who are serving that fine caviar, and washing the dishes and cleaning up after they leave – he doesn’t think that those folks have skin in the game. Folks working two and three jobs, trying to make ends meet and still not making enough money to qualify to pay taxes – he wants to tax those people,” Congressman Hank Johnson said. “And we can only assume that Georgia Republicans are in full support of Moscow Mitch, Rick Scott, and this quest to tax people. Even if you get an earned income tax credit check, even if you get a child tax credit – they want to take that away. They want to do away with Social Security and Medicare within five years. We just can’t allow that to happen.”

“Taking care of our seniors and supporting working Georgians is one of our leaders’ most important jobs. But it appears that Georgia Republicans don’t agree,” Gloria Jenkins, DPG Seniors Caucus Chair and past president of AARP East Point Chapter 5238, said. “I am scared of what the future might hold for Georgia’s seniors if Republicans retake control. We know that Georgia’s GOP Senate candidates, including Herschel Walker, support this awful plan. Georgia seniors need to know where every Georgia Republican stands: Do they support Scott’s agenda to hike taxes on over 40% of Georgians, including seniors and retirees, and sunset Medicare and Social Security?”

“Educators are among the hardest-working folks you’ll find anywhere. So it was a slap in the face to hear that Republicans want to thank us for that work by sharply hiking our taxes. Teachers can’t afford to pay more in taxes – but that’s exactly what Rick Scott and Republicans’ plan calls for,” Jennifer Saunders, an Atlanta Public Schools educator, said. “We deserve leaders who will have our backs and fight for a better deal for us. And Georgia has a leader in Senator Reverend Warnock, who is fighting to lower costs for all Georgians – at the gas pump, at the pharmacy, and more. We know Democrats are on our side. So, my question to every Georgia Republican welcoming the architect of this disastrous economic agenda tonight – including Brian Kemp – whose side are you on?”


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