Columbus Leaders, Voters “Walk Against Walker” To The Polls

December 1, 2022

Today, Columbus leaders and voters cast their ballots against Herschel Walker following a “Walk Against Walker” to the polls in Muscogee County. City Councilwoman Toyia Tucker spoke about the importance of Georgians making a plan to vote in the Senate runoff election.

Muscogee County, and every Georgia county, will have early voting from today through Friday, December 2, and Election Day is on December 6. 

“We are here saying No Way Walker. We’re fighting for the soul of America – and we know that our Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock is competent. He has character – something that the other candidate does not have. So we are here pushing for more people to come out – we know that 22,000 people have already voted, and we just want to truly turn out the vote for Reverend Warnock,” said City Councilwoman Toyia Tucker. “We don’t want anything to be reversed. We want to continue to progress in a positive way, and the only way that will happen if we elect Warnock”


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