Columbus Democrats Call Out Republicans’ Push for Extreme Abortion Ban in Georgia

June 30, 2022

Today, following calls from Georgia Republican candidates and elected officials to make abortion totally illegal, local Democratic leaders in Columbus came together to highlight how the push to ban abortion is dangerous for women and wildly out of touch with the vast majority of voters.

Hours after Roe v. Wade was overturned, Gov. Brian Kemp pushed the federal court that originally blocked his extreme six-week abortion ban to make it the law of the land in Georgia. Now, Kemp, GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and Republicans across the state are pushing to go even further and fully outlaw abortion. In the Senate, Walker would support a nationwide ban without exceptions.

Republican candidates across Georgia support the six-week ban, but also want to go further to make abortion totally illegal. Kemp, Walker, and Georgia GOP candidates’ positions are out of step with Georgia voters. 68% of Georgians, per an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll from January, oppose the overturning of Roe v. Wade and do not support a six-week ban or further restrictions.

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“The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson has cleared the way for Republicans to roll back fundamental rights of women to make their own health decisions, including right here in Georgia,” said State Rep. Debbie Buckner. “There are people up and down the the ticket on the Republican side that have said that they want no exceptions – all abortion should be banned, whether there is rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother…Herschel Walker, Republicans’ candidate for U.S. Senate, supports taking abortion and making it illegal not just in Georgia, but across the country if elected. He said he wants to ban all abortions with no exceptions. This means that if Republicans flip the Senate and take the majority in Washington this November, we’re one step closer to a nationwide abortion ban potentially with no exemptions.”

“As we speak, Governor Brian Kemp and Chris Carr are currently using the powers of their office to make Kemp’s extreme abortion ban that’s been held up in court — and they haven’t ruled out taking their abortion restrictions even further, potentially taking action to put women and doctors in jail. If the governor’s extreme abortion ban becomes the law of the land in Georgia, abortion will be banned before most women even know they’re pregnant,” said State Rep. Carolyn Hugley. “Republicans cannot be allowed to ram through their anti-freedom and anti-woman agendas. We must stand up to Brian Kemp; we must stand up to Herschel Walker; we must stand up to Burt Jones and Chris Carr and all the other Republican politicians up and down the ballot who are trying to force their extreme positions into women’s private medical decisions.”

“We’re seeing governors and attorneys general across the country moving full-speed ahead to restrict women’s reproductive rights, including right here in Georgia where Brian Kemp and Chris Carr have already moved to enact what Kemp has described as the toughest abortion ban in the country,” said Columbus City Councilwoman Toyia Tucker. “Millions of women in Georgia will be in danger if Republicans are allowed to enact their extreme abortion bans. It’s crucial that we elect politicians that will uphold a woman’s right to make her own decisions in state capitols and governor’s mansions around the country, and in Washington. Georgia Democrats will fight tirelessly to ensure that women will have the space and privacy needed to make their own decisions without interference from politicians.”


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