Collins AGAIN Refuses to Condemn Racist, Anti-Semitic QAnon Believer Marjorie Taylor Greene

August 26, 2020

Even after Greene’s prior support for a 9/11 conspiracy theory and racist remarks, Collins reiterates “support” for Greene

ATLANTA — Last night, Congressman Doug Collins once again refused to condemn “bigoted” and “appalling” candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, even as new racist comments and her support for conspiracy theories continue to come to light.

Instead, all Collins would say is that Greene “has to answer for those comments” before immediately reiterating that “we support a Republican who is going to win that district.” Yet even after Greene has been called out for her previous remarks, she has continued to deflect blame and dismiss controversy — even trying to walk back her support for a 9/11 conspiracy theory by trying to blame it on “the Deep State.” 

And Collins isn’t alone in backing Greene and her bigoted campaign. His opponent, Senator Kelly Loeffler, has repeatedly praised Greene as a “political outsider” and also recently refused to condemn Greene and her conspiracy theory peddling.

“It’s shameful that both Congressman Doug Collins and Senator Kelly Loeffler would continue to stand behind a hateful bigot like Marjorie Taylor Greene but given their track records, it’s unfortunately not surprising,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Not only does Greene have to ‘answer for those comments’ — but given their staunch support for her campaign, so do Collins and Loeffler.”


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