RELEASE: At the 2018 Georgia Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Brian Kemp Proves Once Again That He Has No Plans for Georgia

August 23, 2018

Brian Kemp Lacks Real Plans, Differs with Nathan Deal on Important Policies

For the First Time in Decades, Georgia’s Chamber of Commerce Refuses to Endorse in this Race

ATLANTA — Today, at the 2018 Georgia Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Brian Kemp proved once again that he has no real, concrete plans for Georgia’s families and businesses.

Using his same redundant and tired playbook, Kemp attempted to tout his own business background while claiming the legacy of Nathan Deal, despite not receiving the governor’s endorsement in the primary.

From the beginning of his speech, one recurring theme emerged: Brian Kemp’s vague ideas fail to offer real solutions for Georgia businesses and families who need it the most.

The end result? For the first time in decades, The Georgia Chamber of Commerce refused to endorse in this race.

In less than a year, Georgia has already fallen from the 2nd best place to do business in America to the 7th. At the luncheon, instead of specifying any concrete proposals to reverse this trend, Kemp touted his personal business record –while conveniently neglecting to address the current lawsuit alleging he failed to pay back a $500,000 business loan he personally guaranteed.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Brian Kemp has made it clear that he would support policies consistently opposed by the business community.

For example, Brian Kemp said he would sign a religious liberty bill similar to one that Governor Deal vetoed in 2016. At the time, over 400 Georgia companies, including major employers such as Coca-Cola, Delta, Disney, and Home Depot opposed the bill, with some warning that they would take their business elsewhere if signed in to law. Studies have shown that a religious liberty measure would cost Georgia $1-$2 billion dollars in revenue.

During the primary campaign, Brian Kemp put personal politics over Georgia jobs when he attacked a jet fuel exemption for Delta Airlines, Georgia’s largest employer, stating “Kill the Delta tax break, pass sales tax holiday for guns and ammo.” But when Governor Deal signed the tax exemption in late July, like a typical politician, Kemp quickly shifted his position.

For obvious reasons, Governor Deal refused to trust Brian Kemp with his legacy, opting to endorse Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in the Republican primary instead. In reference to his endorsement, Governor Deal stated, “My concern is, let’s not undo, or transform in a negative fashion, the good reforms that we’ve put in place.”

What else did Kemp’s talking points lack today? Specific plans and proposals that will ensure that Georgia businesses continues to move forward.

With every passing day, more and more Georgians are realizing that they cannot trust Brian Kemp to look out for their interests over his own.

“The Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s refusal to endorse Brian Kemp reveals one simple truth: Kemp’s tired talking points can’t mask the fact that he has no real plans to move our businesses and families forward. Stacey Abrams is the only choice for Governor for anyone who cares about fostering a pro-growth, pro-business environment in Georgia,” said Georgia Democratic Chair DuBose Porter.

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