Chairman DuBose Porter on Shutdown and Looming Default

October 16, 2013

Atlanta, GA – October 16, 2013 – The Republican Party’s refusal to allow Georgians to obtain affordable health care has now cost our country and state dearly by shutting down the federal government and barreling down a path to default on its debt within 24 hours.


“The recklessness of the Republican Party is destroying the way of life for working families in Georgia,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter. “President Obama has made historic strides in bringing America out of the 2008 Recession. 7.5 million private sector jobs have been added, deficits are falling and the housing sector is turning the corner. We’ve come a long way. But, the GOP is willing to tank all of the progress we’ve made, all in an effort to halt a law that provides affordable health care to Georgians who desperately need it.  A law, by the way, that was passed by Congress, signed by the President, reaffirmed by the American people when they re-elected President Obama, and upheld by the Supreme Court”


“In the city of Columbus alone, 3000 civilian employees have been furloughed. That’s a huge hit for one city to burden,” said Porter. “And that’s happening in cities all across Georgia. Working families in our state can’t afford to play out a recession all over again.”


“Georgians deserve better than this, and should not have their government held hostage over what is undeniably the law of the land. A challenge by the Republicans in this manner is irresponsible and un-American.  We deserve a clean vote on the budget.”

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