Caught in a Web of Lies: Reasons Why Herschel Walker Has Backed Out Of His Any Time, Anywhere Commitment to Debate Reverend Warnock

September 9, 2022

GOP Senate candidate’s lies, scandals, and bizarre statements have been put on full display

Despite saying that he’d debate Reverend Warnock any time, anywhere, Herschel Walker has continued to insist he will only participate in his preferred debate hosted by Nexstar. It’s a reversal from his previous comments that he would debate Reverend Warnock “any day of the week,” and a disservice to Georgia voters who deserve multiple opportunities to see the clear choice they have in this election.  

Now that Reverend Warnock has said he will agree to participate in Walker’s preferred debate in Savannah hosted by Nexstar — provided Walker agrees to at least one of the non-Savannah debates Reverend Warnock agreed to months ago in Macon and Atlanta — will Walker finally quit the games and show the people of Georgia if he’s really ready to represent them?

If Walker keeps chickening out…we know why:

WEB OF LIES: Walker can’t defend the many lies he’s fed to Georgians about almost every aspect of his life — and he’s afraid to do it on stage for all of Georgia to see.

  1. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to explain to Georgia voters why he claimed to own a company that doesn’t even exist.
  2. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to answer for the fact that he said his company had 800 employees, when in reality, loan documents revealed it had just eight employees. 
  3. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to talk about the fact that he repeatedly lied about working in law enforcement and being an FBI agent.
  4. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to admit that he lied about founding a charity for veterans — when in reality, he made $331,000 in 2021 alone serving as a spokesperson for a private hospital chain’s for-profit program that “preyed upon veterans and service members while defrauding the government.
  5. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to tell voters why he lied about his academic record — falsely claiming to be in the top 1% of his college graduating class, despite never graduating, and falsely claiming to have been his high school’s valedictorian of his high school. 
  6. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to explain why he promised to pay back his company loans, and that he and his business partners owed creditors millions of dollars.
  7. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to be honest with Georgia voters about why he misstated his earnings by millions of dollars in his personal financial disclosures — and still isn’t being honest about the sources of his income as required by federal law.
  8. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to explain why he’s denying that Trump ever said the election was “stolen” — something the former president has repeated hundreds of times.
  9. Herschel Walker doesn’t want to get on stage and admit that he’s a compulsive liar who’s afraid for Georgia voters to know the truth. 

Read up on some of the other reasons Walker refuses to debate Reverend Warnock – bad policies, worse explanations.


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