Can Southern Democrats rebound?

May 15, 2011

Mike Berlon believes that he can rebuild the Democratic Party of Georgia. Elected state party chair in January, after serving eight years as party chair for the second-largest county in the state, Berlon has the unenviable task of recovering from last year’s electoral disaster. He is more than upfront about the party’s failure: “We lost all of our statewide races, we lost every race for constitutional officer, and all of our candidates lost by more than 10 percent.”

Yet Berlon sounds supremely confident when talking about the future of the Georgia Democratic Party. “Over the South, I really think that the number one job is to rebuild the parties from the ground up and put the structure in place that will make us successful in the next six to eight years,” he says. “It took Republicans literally almost 20 years to gain control across the state. I think we’re almost there.”

Full story at The American Prospect.


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