Call for Special Election of National Committee Member

January 10, 2014


The February 8 Special Election for National Committee Member (DNC Member) will be held at the IBEW Local 613, located at 501 Pulliam St SW #250, Atlanta, GA 30312.

Registration for the election will begin at noon, and the body will convene promptly at 12:30 pm. 

The DPG has reserved a block of hotel rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport North located at 3437 Bobby Brown Pkwy East Point, GA 30344. Reservations can be booked by calling the hotel directly at 404-477-6600, and asking for the GA Democratic Party Group Block.  The rate is $84.00, plus tax. The dates that we have available to book are February 7-9, 2014, with a cut off date is February 1, 2014.  Included in the rates are complimentary parking, free Wi-Fi and free airport shuttle.


State Committee Members

This letter outlines the special election process by which we will elect a National Committee Member to serve the remainder of Chairman DuBose Porter’s term, which will expire in 2016.


State Committee Meeting: 

On Febuary 8, 2014 the State Committee will convene to elect a National Committee Member at a location TBA in the Metro Atlanta area.  Check in will begin promptly at 12:00pm and the meeting will convene at 12:30pm.

The National Committee Member will be elected by a majority vote of the State Committee or a majority vote of those present after quorum has been reached.


Qualifications for National Committee Member:

Persons interested in running for the National Committee Member position shall file an “intent to run” statement with the State Party office no later than Wednesday, January 29, 2014.  Either email the notice of intent to Rebecca DeHart at [email protected] in addition to Laverne Gaskins at [email protected] or mail two copies of the notice of intent to Rebecca DeHart and Laverne Gaskins at 763 Trabert Ave NW Suite A, Atlanta, GA, 30318.The intent to run must be received at the DPG Headquarters in Atlanta no later than midnight, January 29, 2014.  Documentation sent by fax will not be accepted.

A non-State Committee Member wishing to run for National Committee Member must submit such “intent to run” with the endorsement of a minimum of 30 State Committee Members (included in the attached packet as Exhibit A) and must also submit such notices by January 29, 2014. Included with this letter is an “intent to run” form. The intent to run and endorsement of 30 State Committee members (Exhibit A) must be received at the DPG Headquarters in Atlanta no later than midnight, January 29, 2014. Documentation sent by fax will not be accepted.



Election of the National Committee Member shall be by roll call vote unless no more than one person is nominated for National Committee Member. Only State Committee Members may vote for the National Committee Member. A brief three minute nominating speech may be made for each candidate. A one minute seconding speech may also be made. Neither are required. In an effort to keep the election meeting moving, the amount of time that any nominating or seconding speech exceeds these limits will be deducted from the nominee’s speaking time. The nominees may then address the State Committee for no more than five minutes.


Members will vote via a ballot upon which they must print their name legibly and sign it. (The DNC Charter prohibits the use of secret ballots in Democratic Party elections.)


Our state has 7 National Committee Members:  Chair, First Vice Chair, and 5 elected members. Since Georgia has an odd number of Members, there are no gender or race requirements for this special election. 


Thank you,


Rebecca DeHart

Executive Director, Democratic Party of Georgia

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