Brian Kemp’s Plan for Education in Georgia: Raiding $200 Million a Year from Public Schools

September 19, 2018

Centerpiece of Kemp’s Education Program is Doubling the Failed Voucher Program

Kemp’s Record on Public Education Is Already Bad, and His Education Wishlist Would Be Even Worse If Elected Governor

ATLANTA — When it comes to providing a high-quality education in Georgia, Brian Kemp’s record and proposals, including doubling Georgia’s failed voucher program, would further shortchange our public schools and hurt Georgia children’s ability to thrive.

A quality education system with excellent public schools not only critical to Georgia’s children and families, it is one of the top criteria businesses consider when choosing a state for corporate investment and job creation. Georgia’s next governor must make our public education system a top priority. But throughout his career, Brian Kemp consistently supported harmful austerity measures that cut funding for public schools.

Georgia already receives low ratings for education, including on student spending. In fact, in 2018, CNBC gave Georgia a C- in education and ranked Georgia 33rd out of 50 states on education “due to low test scores and spending.”

Brian Kemp would drag Georgia further behind by raiding $200 million from Georgia public schools by doubling the cap on so-called Student Scholarship Organizations (vouchers). In a secret audio recording, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle admitted the current $100 million in funding for this program — which deprives public schools and helps send children from wealthy families to elite private schools — is already “bad in a thousand different ways.” Brian Kemp, who voted for this “bad in a thousand different ways” legislation, would double the program, double the problem, and double the harm to public schools.


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